Sunday, January 9, 2011

First couple weeks

It's been a good couple of weeks home with Tate. So far he is a very good baby, we've only had two nights where he's kept us up for a couple hours, otherwise he tends to wake up to eat and then goes right back to sleep. Don and I are much more relaxed this time around and it's made for a much better experience. We had a great Christmas with my parents (it snowed!) and my mom stayed for a total of 3 weeks and did a ton of cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. She also watched Declan while we were in the hospital which was a big comfort. So nice to have help and an extra pair of hands!

Declan has been adjusting okay - he's had good days and bad days. He seems neutral towards the baby but has been acting out in other ways, getting into power struggles with us (i.e. wanting to wear his pajamas all day, then wanting to get dressed in regular clothes at night). I'm anxious for my friendly and happy little guy to return back to normal and realize it will probably take some time, but it's tough to be patient on limited sleep! But other than that, it feels so great to have two little boys and my favorite times are snuggling with both of them on my lap.

Coming home from the hospital on Christmas Eve


Amy said...

congrats again! you guys all look sooo happy!!! two perfect little boys! they are so lucky to have you and Don as parents! And how wonderful your mom could stay so long! said...

Great pics and love this post Andrea. We went through some really hard months with Cora. Same kind of power struggles that you mentioned, just doing things she had never done before. You are so right though, your sweet boy will return! I saw a big change after Isaac turned 4 months. Now they are starting to play together...the best! You will love it. Hang in there. As always, we miss you and wish Declan and Cora could be play buddies. xo