Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Key West

I surprised Don for his bday and our anniversary with a trip to Key West while my parents watched the boys. We had a ball and it was so great to just hang out. We mostly ate, walked around, drank and laid in the sun, which was perfect. That town is definitely filled with some characters, but it was a blast. I think we'll definitely return.

8 Months

Hard to believe Tate turned 8 months this week. He's not quite as mobile as Declan was at this age, we call him our relaxed baby. He just started sitting a few weeks ago and is just barely crawling. It's quite humorous, it's army style on his tummy and he pretty much just drags his legs behind him. He is getting on all fours, but then rocks forward and back like crazy as if that alone will propel him forward.

He's loving people food, he simply devours it and gets upset if he doesn't get to try what the family is having. He's still a good sleeper, although lately he's been waking up at 5 or 6am occassionally, but hopefully that's just a phase. He's a sweet and mellow guy which makes life a lot of fun.