Thursday, March 24, 2011

3 Months

Tate turned 3 months this week. He's doing great, although he's started teething the last few days and has been a little grumpy. He started sleeping through the night last week for a few days in a row (7-7) but now is back to waking up once per night to eat a snack. Hopefully he goes back to sleeping through the night again soon!
Overall he's easygoing and loves to smile and play in his little floor gym. He loves grabbing the hanging monkey and is trying very hard to roll over. He can almost do it, he flips his legs over and cranes his neck but just can't quite flip those shoulders yet. I'm sure he'll be doing it soon. He also coos and squeals a lot which is fun.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mathers Visit

My parents came to visit a couple weeks ago and my mom watched Tate for my first two weeks back at work. We had a lot of fun and Don and I have enjoyed having another set of hands around as I transition back to the working world. Good thing Grandma Martha arrived today!!

Best Friends

Declan and his classmate Will have been best friends since Declan was about 22 months old. Hard to believe friendships are formed that young, but these two just have a chemistry that they felt from when they were toddlers and it continues today. They both love to run, wrestle and play "dragon". The teachers love them but say they usually have to split them up so they'll pay attention in class. They recently started swim lessons together and have had a ball. It is seriously the height of Declan's week. Between the goggles, swim outfit, Coach Gabriel and his best buddy he can hardly stand the excitement. It's so cool to see them grow up together.