Sunday, July 8, 2012

Spring Videos

Hilton Head, May

We did a long weekend in Hilton Head in May which was a great time, but exhausting! We took a chance and pricelined a hotel - we got the Marriott for a steal, but sleeping in the same room with Tate was rough. He went to bed fine and the three of us were able to watch a little movie at night, but he did not do well in the pack and play so sleep was an issue for all. That said, we did enjoy playing on the beach and relaxing a bit in the sun.
Bagels on our patio

6:30am the first day - ugh

May 2012

 My neighbor Jen and I at our house for a cinco de mayo party!
Braves game


Tate in the apple dress that has been in my mom's family for several generations

 Don did the Sweetwater 5k with some of the neighborhood dads.  He has gotten in really great shape this past year doing P90X and running.


My attempt at baking

Getting eggs with our neighbor Ed, who joined us for Brunch

We had a bit of a rough start to Easter.  Tate went through a phase of getting in Chester's face and scaring him and one evening Chester bit his lip.  It was horrible, but we took him to a pediatric urgent care and he was such a trooper.  He had to get stitches and didn't even need to be sedated, he is such a calm and collected kid.  It's now been a few months and there is just minimal scarring so he's doing okay.  And we've learned to be vigilant about separating the dog from him, although everyone seems to have figured each other out.  I'll tell you, having that happen was gut-wrenching but I'm glad things are going well and we were able to keep Chestery. 

Feb/March 2012

I am wayyyy behind on blogging.  I just never seem to upload my pictures from my phone and have gotten a little lazy.  We had a busy winter, just doing stuff around Atlanta and enjoying the mild weather.

Enjoying President's Day off with mom.

 Warm weather for Papa Don's visit!

 Meeting Baby Luke
Taking a picture in bed.  We went through a rough patch of Declan getting us up at night.  We ended up moving Tate into his room a few months ago to give him some company/comfort and it's going pretty well. 

First haircut!

Soccer coach

California Trip

I had a girls weekend in San Diego in February to visit my sister and meet up with some high school girlfriends.  It was a great relaxing trip and we enjoyed the California weather!
Rach and I attempting to drink wheatgrass juice

Relaxing with Baby Asher